Remove URL Referrer Service

If a user clicks the link to another website an administrator is able to view in Analytics statistics the source of the user’s click or domain or referrer. In some cases, you might not wish for the other site to know from where your traffic is coming from.

Why do we hide websites that refer to us?

We won’t get into the details on the reasons we chose to hide the website of the referrer. We developed this feature to shield our affiliate-generating pages from competitors and our partners. It takes time to identify niches that could create leads for affiliate marketing. The information you provide must be secured to stop others from copying it too quickly and threatening you. One option is to eliminate the website that refers to you.

The service is quick and absolutely cost-free!

How to Use

These steps will assist you use the hide referrer software.

  1. copy the following link: “
  2. edit the “” part with the link towards the website you are linking to and you do not want to be shown as referrer (it can be either a domain home page or a deep link / affiliate link; make sure to include the http or https as well)
  3. Copy the link and paste it into the blog post or other websites. Each time someone clicks the link, they will be directed directly to the link they want without the need to transfer the web address of the website that is referring them.